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6 Recommended Bahn Mi Restaurants in Tokyo│Vietnamese Selection

“必見”東京のおすすめ バインミー店6選 !



Báinh mì is a Vietnamese sandwich consisting of meat, meat patties, vegetables, herbs, sauce, and other ingredients in a French bread-like bucket. It has already been widely recognized in Japan, where it has become a popular and healthy sandwich, thanks to its convenience and the fact that it can be eaten with plenty of meat and vegetables (namasu) that protrude from the bread. For example, it was sold at Seven-Eleven.

There are many theories about the origin of báinh mì, but it is believed that it originally originated as a Vietnamese-style sandwich made from French bread that was introduced during the French colonial period. However, it has a crispier crust and a chewier interior than French bread. In Vietnam, it is a true “soul food” and is very commonly eaten for breakfast and snacks.

Even in Tokyo, you may have seen an increasing number of “bahn mi” shops and Vietnamese restaurants here and there recently. Also, since takeout was originally the mainstay of the bahn mi market, it fits in well with the current times.
In this article, I would like to introduce six recommended bain-mee shops in Tokyo among those that the Vietnamese author has visited.

*This is not a ranking format.

【Takadanobaba】Banh Mi★Sandwich

address1F Kurokami Seven Building, 4-9-18 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-5937-4547
business hours10:30 a.m.~7:00p.m. *Close as soon as sold out
regular holidayThe year-end and new year holiday
accessJR/Tokyo Metro: 2 min. walk from Takadanobaba Stn. (94m)
price guideline~¥999 
basic information

Many Vietnamese living in Japan recommend this “Banh Mi★Sandwich”.

The restaurant has been located in Takadanobaba, Shinjuku-ku, since 2010, and in addition to Takadanobaba, they have opened stores in Suidobashi and Kichijoji, as well as in kitchen cars. Considering the word of mouth and online reviews, I would say that the bahn mi at Bainmee★Sandwich is the most likely candidate for the best bahn mi in Tokyo. Of course, it is also a favorite of the author, and in my opinion, one of the best bain-mee in all of Japan.

The restaurant has been introduced on TV and is also frequented by celebrities.

出所:食べログ (tabelog.com) 

The menu offers a wide variety of dishes, ranging from the local Vietnamese style of Báinh Mì with Vietnamese ham and liver paste to shrimp avocado, grilled chicken, grilled beef, grilled pork, and many more. Prices range from 550 yen to 600 yen per piece. There is also a toppings menu, so you can add your own favorite ingredients to your liking. Half sizes (from 300 yen) are also available for those with small appetites or those who want two kinds of food.

In addition, the Báinh Mì at Báinh Mì ☆ Sandwich uses homemade bread, and you will be addicted to the softness and flavor of the bread. It is also filled with a generous amount of ingredients, so you will definitely feel satisfied with its volume. You can feel the strong commitment, yet the cosmopolitan price is excellent.

出所:ビールの「最高の相棒」はどれ? 東京フィンガーフード最前線 – ページ 4 – 食楽web (syokuraku-web.com) 

【Shimokitazawa】Banh Mi Ba Ba

出所:【バインミーマニア⑤】下北沢 バインミーバーバー – 旅するパンマニア 片山智香子 (hatenablog.com)
address2-27-8 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-6804-8967
business hours10:00 a.m.~9:00p.m.
regular holidayno regular holiday
accessOdawara Line and Inokashira Line: Approx. 2 min. walk from Shimokitazawa Station West Exit. (208m)
price guideline~¥999  
basic information
出所:内観写真 : Bánh mì Bà Ba (バインミー バーバー) – 下北沢/ベトナム料理 | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 

Bánh mì bà bà is a bahn mi restaurant in Shimokitazawa, Setagaya-ku, where you can enjoy the local Vietnamese atmosphere with plastic chairs placed inside and outside the restaurant. Takeout is also available, but the desire to eat at the restaurant will be stimulated.

We opened in Shimokitazawa in 2018 out of a desire to “taste delicious and authentic bahn mi in Japan. It is loved by many customers because it is closer to the local market and they can enjoy the same bahn mi as the authentic one.


We opened in Shimokitazawa in 2018 out of a desire to “taste delicious and authentic bahn mi in Japan. It is loved by many customers because it is closer to the local market and they can enjoy the same bahn mi as the authentic one.

In addition, the restaurant is unique in that Vietnamese ham and bahn mi bread can be purchased separately.

The crispy, light texture of the bain mee bah bah bread is irresistible, and the ingredients inside have an impactful flavor with Vietnamese gusto and seasoning. Once you try it, you will never forget it, and many people keep coming back for more.

In addition to báinh mì, other popular dishes include barber lemon, a homemade lemonade, and chè, a Vietnamese dessert.

出所:ドリンクメニュー : Bánh mì Bà Ba (バインミー バーバー) – 下北沢/ベトナム料理 | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 

In addition to Shimokitazawa, there are also other locations of this bahn mi barber in Nakameguro, Shimoakazuka, and Sasazuka. Some days, a large serving of Pakuchi is free, so check each store’s Instagram for the latest information.

店舗一覧 – 本格ベトナムサインドイッチ「バインミーバーバー」下北沢徒歩2分 (banhmibaba.com) 

【Gakugei-daigaku】Stand Bánh Mì 

出所:外観写真 : スタンドバインミー (Stand Banh Mi) – 学芸大学/ベトナム料理 | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 
address2-16-23 Takaban, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
phone number050-5594-9783
business hourslunch 11:00a.m.~3:00p.m. / dinner 5:00p.m.~9:00p.m.
regular holidayTuesdays/1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
accessToyoko Line: 4 minutes walk from Gakugeidaigaku Station 
price guidelinelunch ¥1000~¥1999 / dinner ¥4000~¥4999
basic information

Stand Bánh Mì serves mainly báinh mì and Vietnamese noodle and rice dishes. Located on the east exit side of Gakugeidaigaku Station in Meguro Ward, the restaurant has an impressive appearance that looks stylish and appealing. The dishes served at Stand Bánh Mì are additive-free and chemical-free, and are characterized by the adoption of French cooking methods. It is said to be especially popular among women because it is healthier for the body.

出所: https://www.facebook.com/standbanhmitokyo/?ref=page_interna

Stand by Mein Mee’s “bahn mi” is made with locally sourced ingredients and custom-made bread, and is said to be even tastier than the authentic “bahn mi”. +For an additional 200 yen, you can also order a premium bahn mi, which is limited to 15 servings per day.

出所:バインミー好き集合!店名から萌える学芸大学「スタンドバインミー」が心も体も喜ぶおいしさだった! | Rettyグルメニュース 

The restaurant also features a wide variety of bahn mi, from the orthodox bahn mi with liver patties to the more unusual bahn mi with mackerel and tamarind sauce.

【Nihonbashi】nico☆banh mi

出所:観写真 : nico バインミー – 人形町/サンドイッチ | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 
addressOmura Building 1F, 11-3 Nihonbashi-Kobunacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
phone number03-6339-6664  
business hoursTuesday11:00a.m.〜6:00p.m. / Wednesday・Thursday・Friday・Saturday11:00a.m.~4:00p.m.
regular holidaySundays・Mondays
accessHibiya Line/Asakusa Line: Approx. 5 min. walk from Ningyocho Station
Ginza Line/Hanzomon Line: approx. 8 min. walk from Mitsukoshimae Station
Ginza Line, Tozai Line, Asakusa Line: approx. 11 min. walk from Nihonbashi Station
price guideline 〜¥999
basic information
出所:内観写真 : nico バインミー – 人形町/サンドイッチ | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 

nico☆Banh Mi” has a store in the Nihonbashi and Ningyocho area in Chuo-ku.

The simple and stylish storefront is impressive. People who have eaten authentic bahn mi in Vietnam have raved about the store’s bahn mi, saying that it is delicious and close to the local flavor. I am one of them.

出所: https://www.facebook.com/banhmi.nico/?ref=page_internal

The menu offers a total of five choices, ranging from a simple dish of Vietnamese ham and liver paste to a shrimp avocado or roasted chicken bahn mi. Prices range from 650 to 700 yen per piece. They also sell rusks and other snacks.

The bread at nico☆Banh Mi is crispy and has more ingredients inside, so even men will feel full enough with just one piece. On the other hand, word of mouth has made it popular among customers who want to try other flavors after eating one.

【Gaiemmae】Banh mi Tokyo 

出所:外苑前「バインミートーキョー 」は日本初のグルテンフリーバインミー専門店♡の画像 (ameblo.jp) 
address1F, 3-1-25 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo  
phone number070-4142-0868  
business hoursweekdays10:00a.m. – 5:30p.m. / Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 10:00a.m. – 6:00p.m.  
regular holidayopen every day of the year  
accessGinza Line: 5 minutes walk from Gaienmae Station
Ginza Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line: 7 minutes walk from Omotesando Station
price guideline〜¥1000
basic information

出所:料理メニュー : バインミートーキョー (Bánh mi Tokyo) – 外苑前/カフェ | 食べログ (tabelog.com) 

Banh mi Tokyo is located in the Gaienmae area of Shibuya Ward.

It is the first gluten-free bahn mi in Japan and also has a vegan menu, which is a hot topic.For lunch, the restaurant offers a bahn mi lunch set, priced at 1453 yen (eat-in) with a drink and 1653 yen (eat-in) with a side deli.


You can choose from a variety of bahn mi, such as the special bahn mi tokyo, lemon grass chicken bahn mi, and saba curry bahn mi. A single serving of bahn mi ranges from 850 yen to 1,150 yen.

As of May 2022, a sandwich store named TOKYO SANDO is operating at this address. The Bahn Mi Tokyos introduced here had been on hiatus since December 2009, but reopened in April 2010 with the introduction of Bahn Mi Tokyos supervised Bahn Mi as one of TOKYO SANDO’s menu items. Please visit there!

【Soshigayaookura】Ăn đi

出所:食べログ (tabelog.com) 
address3-4-2 Kinuta, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 
phone number03-3417-3399  
business hours10:00a.m.~4:00p.m. *close as soon as sold out
regular holidayThursdays
accessOdakyu Line: 15 minutes walk from Soshigaya-Okura
Tokyu Bus and Odakyu Bus: Short walk from Naturopathic Center Mae bus stop.
price guidelinelunch~¥999 / dinner¥1,000~¥1,999 
basic information

Andi (Ăn đi) is a popular place for its delicious báinh mì.

This small store on Setagaya-dori is characterized by its stylish and cute storefront.

This is a different restaurant from the Vietnamese restaurant Ăn đi, which was previously introduced in the following article, although it has the same name.


By the way, “Ăn đi” is Vietnamese for “Eat! Ăn đi” means “Eat! or “Come by! It is commonly used both at home and outside the house. It is often used both at home and outside the house.

出所:旅する気分で味わえる本場ベトナムのサンドイッチ。祖師ケ谷大蔵『バインミー ăn di』 | PARIS mag パリマグ 

Andy’s Bahn Mee is very diverse, including ham and homemade patties, mackerel & tomato, beef & lemongrass, pepper ginger chicken, and mung bean an butter.

You can also taste a lighter version of the meal, bahn mi kueh, which is a snack-like bahn mi made with thin bread.


There is also a smaller, simpler, kid-friendly version of bahn mi with simple ingredients, so children can eat bahn mi with you.

Drinks are offered from Vietnamese coffee to healthful artichoke tea to the typical Vietnamese beer 333 (bar-bar-bar).

出所:旅する気分で味わえる本場ベトナムのサンドイッチ。祖師ケ谷大蔵『バインミー ăn di』 | PARIS mag パリマグ 

Other unique ethnic baked goods such as cookies and pound cakes made with spices are also available, and are recommended as gifts.


What do you think? This time, the Vietnamese author has introduced six recommended stores for making bahn mi. The ingredients may vary considerably from store to store, so please try visiting several stores.